Food, Food and More Food

So this is supposed to be a writing blog, but it is mine so I can write whatever I want – and today I want to talk about food.

I don’t particularly love to cook, but I love to eat, and I love to see other people enjoying a meal I prepared. I pretend to be upset when food that I cooked is eaten in record time, but inside I feel a bit of pleasure that the meal was THAT good.

Please don’t mention this to my family. I like cooking when I want to do it, and not when I am expected to do it.

Anyway, here are some meals I want to highlight:

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Reading at Good Shepherd Primary School

On Wednesday, I accepted an invitation to speak to parents at the Good Shepherd Primary School about the importance of reading and writing. The first thing I remember reading is a Kellogg’s cornflakes box. kellogg

My mother had punished me by turning off the television and I was eating breakfast, so there was nothing else to do but stare at that box, trying to pronounce the ingredients. Soon it became a habit – and a kind of game – to see how many ingredients I could remember. Leave me alone; I was a strange child. And it worked! I got interested in words, so thank you Kelloggs!

I already knew this event was going to be special when I pulled into the parking lot and was faced with this view of the West Coast:

Thank you for the photo Voghn!

Thank you for the photo Voghn!

I hope the teachers and students of Good Shepherd admire this view whenever they can. Sometimes you can be so indifferent to beautiful things when you become accustomed to them…

On my way to the PTA meeting I passed a reception class with this poster outside:


Of course, I have to stop to examine something entitled “Rock the Reading Vote”.  Below is the text:

“Today the students of the Reception and Infants A had a chance to Rock the Reading Vote! After carefully listening to two stories read by Ms. M Fergus, the students made a choice. They decided which story they liked the best. Just like their parents and teachers yesterday, the students collected their ballot papers and placed their “X” beside their choice.  The choices were “Daffidilly Zoo’ and “Fuzzy Wuzzy”.

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