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Joanne C. Hillhouse, Antiguan author of three novels including Oh Gad! as well as a freelance writer, editor and producer. She is co-founder of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize and participates in various initiatives to promote literary arts in the Caribbean region.

Author Joanne C. Hillhouse

Author Joanne C. Hillhouse

She juggles her work as a freelance writer, editor, journalist, and producer with her creative writing pursuits. She’s the author of “The Boy from Willow Bend” and “Dancing Nude in the Moonlight,” and “Oh Gad” all initially published by Macmillan. The former was hailed by Caribbean critics as “well crafted lively and absolutely believable” and “a story of the triumph of spirit over situation”. Now part of the schools’ reading list in Antigua and Barbuda, it was reissued by Hansib in 2009. In addition to publishing new material, the author has plans to re-issue “Dancing Nude in the Moonlight,” which the Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books described as “sensitive, sensuous, and well nuanced” and the Caribbean Writer dubbed “lyrical, sensual, and gentle”.

Hillhouse’s creative writing, poetry, and fiction have also been published in CalabashThe Caribbean WriterTongues of the OceanSea BreezeMa ComèreMythium, and elsewhere. She’s participated in various literary forums including the prestigious Breadloaf Writers Conference as an international fellow.

Her ‘day job’ involves writing for various publications and consulting with nonprofit and corporate clients on projects ranging from scripting documentaries and public service announcements to editing magazines and web content; also fellow authors for whom she’s provided book editing services.

Hillhouse’s pet projects, meanwhile, include the Cushion Club with which she’s volunteered for several years and the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize which she co-founded in 2004. She currently leads an online writers group at the Caribbean Literary Salon. She has been honored by UNESCO for her contributions to literacy and the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda.

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Caribbean Books You Should Know

Caribbean Books You Should Know

Joanne C. HillhouseBy Joanne C. Hillhouse

“I come from Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. I write stories of and from the Caribbean. My first book was The Boy from Willow Bend and Oh Gad! is my most recent. You can check out my personal blog to see what else I’ve done in between and since. One of the things I do is run a writing programme in Antigua and Barbuda; there is a blog attached to that programme where, among other things, I blog on books. Surprise, right, a writer who loves to read.

With end of year upon us, I thought I might share some favourite Caribbean reads. I’m limiting my list to adult fiction that I’ve read in the last couple of years, but keep in mind that just because it’s newish to me doesn’t mean it’s new-new. And just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, but really the list has to end somewhere. So, it goes without saying that this list is both severely limited and highly subjective.

All disclaimers covered? Okay, here goes.”