Terms and Conditions

1.    Only original and unpublished work will be accepted. Authors will only submit creative non fictional stories.

2.    Only one submission will be accepted from a single author. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but editors should be notified immediately if a submission is accepted elsewhere.

3.    Senseisha does not guarantee publication to submissions and the editors reserve the right to edit all content.

4.    Authors must be at least eighteen years old to submit to the anthology.

5.    The anthology is open to women of Caribbean origins, whether they reside in the Caribbean or elsewhere.

6.    Authors will retain copyright of their work. Senseisha reserves the exclusive right to publish the story first in the online anthology, and first option to print in North America, the Caribbean and Europe in a serial publication.

7.    At this time we are unable to pay contributors to the online anthology, but all contributors will receive an e-copy of the anthology.

8.    Selected authors will be required to sign a contract allowing Senseisha to publish their story in the anthology.

9.    Selected submissions will be used in public promotions and readings of the anthology.

10. Sexuality is a controversial topic and writers reserve the right to remain anonymous. All submissions will be reviewed with due respect for authors’ confidentiality.However, selected authors must state whether they want their actual name or pseudonym to be published in the anthology. If this is not explicitly stated, Senseisha will automatically publish the name used in the subject line of the submission.

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