FAQs – Senseisha

Where did Senseisha originate?

Ev-O!-lution and getWrite! hooked up and gave birth to Senseisha. We got tired of reading other people’s stories and wondered where the positive Caribbean tales of love, intimacy and sex were, specifically those from our Caribbean sisters. We believe that true stories inspire and empower and, recognizing the silence around sensuality and sexuality, we decided to provide this medium for women to share their stories so that others may be touched by their experiences.

What’s in the name?

What can we say. We could not find any positive words related to female sexuality in the Caribbean lexicon so we created one – Senseisha – with the help of our resident “essuentualist” (male). Isn’t it tantalizing?

Sen-sei-sha [sen- say-shuh] n.

1. a sensual Empress

2. a woman of wisdom

3. a woman in control of her sensuality

Origin: 2013, island of Barbados,  sēnsu, stem of sēnsus>

What is creative non-fiction?

The Creative Non-Fiction Collective says it so well,

“The emphasis in creative nonfiction is on the use of inventive and dramatic techniques to support fact-based narratives. Contrary to a common misunderstanding, the adjective “creative” in creative nonfiction does not license its writers to invent details or events in the way that fiction writers may do. Rather, it gives them a similar toolbox to enrich and enliven their presentation of the facts. Using such tools, the CNF writer seeks to achieve, in the words of author Tom Wolfe,  “a larger truth than is possible through the mere compilation of verifiable facts or direct quotation.”

For tricks and tips check out this blog post.

Can I use real names in my story?

No! No! No!

Please do not use real names in your story. A made up nickname or any other noun is fine. We are looking for an authentic story, to be empowered and to learn from your journey. The truth is around the story not who is involved.

Is this only erotica?

This anthology embraces love, intimacy and sex. In a way there will be elements of eroticism that may come out in shaping a story but the intention is not to overpower the anthology with explicit eroticism. As such, this isn’t an exclusive call for a Zane, Eric Jerome Dickey or Fifty Shades of Grey-type publication but we do welcome the portrayal of experiences on Caribbean sexuality from the first kiss to the taboo.

What kind of stories are we looking for?

We are most interested in stories that relay an authentic story from a personal perspective. We want the types of stories that you may write in a diary or tell to your close girlfriends. You know what we are talking about… the ones that make you lean forward and ask questions like,

“And what you said?”

“And what he did?”

“And how did that make you feel?”

“Nooo, you didn’t!?!”

The stories that we savor, the ones that make us laugh, make us cry or have us in awe. But most of all, we want the ones that make us reflect and think.

In essence, we want to include stories that reflect the diversity of the Caribbean existence – the erotic, the sensuous, the conservative and all that lays in between.

Can I use a pen name?

Yes you can! Sensuality is a very controversial topic and we respect the author’s right to anonymity.

I don’t live in the Caribbean, can I still submit?

Yes, submissions are accepted from the Caribbean diaspora.  If a writer feels comfortable with the label “Caribbean woman”, then she is welcome to submit a story to Senseisha.

Where will the anthology be published?

The anthology will be published as an e-book in the first instance with plans to publish in hard copy in 2014.

I am not a professional writer. Can I still submit?

Most definitely! We welcome extraordinary stories from all sensual, Caribbean women.

When will it be published?

We anticipate that people will be able to make Senseisha a Christmas gift this year!

What else do I need to know?

Please be sure to review the Terms and Conditions for other important details before submitting your story.

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