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Owner/Administrator – Shakirah Bourne

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Yes, I am eating paper. Every now and again, you do feel like you could scream while trying to find the perfect word to finish that story. Many of you dream to be a published writer – to spend the rest of your life doing something that you love. I know I did! I was so passionate about writing that I left my unhappy, but well paying job to enter the world of the struggling writer.

Four months, twenty one short story ideas, five book ideas, five script ideas and a radio series idea later, I had nothing to show; just a bunch of half-finished articles, scripts and stories. I want you to avoid the mistakes that I made. I wasted hours online searching for information on writing opportunities, especially those open to writers outside of the US and UK. Hello! There are writers in the Caribbean too!

When I’m not procrastinating, stuffing my face or liming on the beach, I write short fiction and screenplays. If you’d like to find out more about me, you can visit my website here and read my musings here.

Administrator – Hadlee Sobers

Hadlee headshotSelf-confessed dabbler in poetry, Ideation Ingenier, Essentualist and resident Women’s Tongue (shak shak tree) Whisperer, Hadlee lives and daydreams in Barbados.

He’s reeeeally bad at writing bios. 😀


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