Dirtcakes Journal

dirtcakes welcomes writing and art of all genres—the surreal, the 21st century, the conventional. 

  • we do not necessarily believe the polemic, strident, or didactic makes the best art. While an implicitly activist publication, we prefer works that say some thing before they say Something.
  • we are always looking for artistic crackheads—creators capable of inducing a metaphorical skull fissure, letting new light reach the dark recesses of the brain. And the heart, of course.
  • our limited budget seeks to lighten the hunger of the starving artist: Payment of $25 and 2 contributor copies will accompany all accepted artists.
  • we love work in any language. Please include author-approved English translation. All text will appear in English, original language, and any other author-provided translations.
  • previously published work, including publication in an online venue which provides edited image or word content, is not accepted.
  • simultaneous submissions are encouraged. Please notify us upon acceptance elsewhere.
  • submitting in multiple categories and themes is okay, too.
  • dirtcakes acquires First Serial Rights to publish on our website, to print, and the right to keep credited work in our archives.
  • dirtcakes is a homegrown and operated.

Guidelines for Creative Nonfiction

  • we accept personal narratives, immersion journalism, satires, reflections, meditations, and textual & cultural analyses.
  • acceptable formats include.doc, .rtf., .pdf., and .docx
  • send submission of up to 5,000 words to dirtcakes.new.nonfiction@gmail.com

Guidelines for Poetry

  • all forms, schools, and creeds are considered.
  • acceptable formats include .doc, .rtf., .pdf., and .docx
  • send up to 5 poems/10 pages to dirtcakes.new.poetry@gmail.com

Guidelines for Visual Media

  • we accept photography, paintings, drawings, and computer art.
  • photography may not be computer-manipulated in any way.
  • all images are considered for cover, which will be printed in full color at 6×9 inches. It will include the name of the journal and the issue number (see examples).
  • artwork published within the journal will be printed in b&w, though we make make a limited run of color interiors. The images may also be displayed on our online version, where they will be full color.
  • there are no restrictions or thematic guidelines for subject matter.
  • acceptable formats include png, jpg, jpeg, or gif file type, and don’t need to be full resolution, 800×600 pixels is fine, and must be smaller than 2mb.
  • send no more than 5 images to dirtcakes.new.art@gmail.com


Reading Periods:

Issue #6 – Is there a witchcountryplayingwhoatomicfeelgoodoctopusofstrangelovequinnpepperswithoutborderskevorkianruthbunsenhoneydew in the house?

Dedicated to U.N. Millennium Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Other Diseases.

  • What forms do doctors take in our global societies? 
  • What kind of healing do we need most? 
  • What qualifies as medicine?  
  • How does the advance of/resistance to medical progress shape our world?
  • Do doctored items–drinks, documents–promote the antonym of the title? 
  • Are they really there to just hold your hand? 

Reading Until July 31, 2013

Issue #7 — TBD

Dedicated to U.N Millennium Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Reading Until January 31, 2014

Issue #8 — One

Dedicated to U.N Millennium Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development

  • “We’re one, but we’re not the same”
  • How do a multitude of cultures co-exist meaningfully and honestly in the coming century?
  • How have multinationals co-opted/corrupted/created the global paradigm?

 Reading Until July 31, 2014


What we’ve published:

Issue #1 — The Hunger Issue:  Released 2011

Dedicated to UN Millennium Goal 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger

Issue #2 — School Me:  Released 2011

Dedicated to UN Millennium Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education 

Issue #3  — Girls Will Be Women:   Released 2012

Dedicated to UN Millennium Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Issue #4 —“Oh Baby!”:  Journal Coming soon

Dedicated to UN Millennium Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality

Issue #5 — Mama Said:  Journal Coming soon

Dedicated to U.N. Millennium Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health


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