Where did Senseisha originate?

Ev-O!-lution and getWrite! hooked up and gave birth to Senseisha. We got tired of reading other people’s stories and wondered where the positive Caribbean tales of love, intimacy and sex were, specifically those from our Caribbean sisters. We believe that true stories inspire and empower and, recognizing the silence around sensuality and sexuality, we decided to provide this medium for women to share their stories so that others may be touched by their experiences.

What’s in the name?

What can we say. We could not find any positive words related to female sexuality in the Caribbean lexicon so we created one – Senseisha – with the help of our resident “essuentualist” (male). Isn’t it tantalizing?

Sen-sei-sha [sen- say-shuh] n.

1. a sensual Empress

2. a woman of wisdom

3. a woman in control of her sensuality

Origin: 2013, island of Barbados,  <Latin equivalent to sēnsu, stem of sēnsus>


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