Death By Deadline?

Death By Deadline?

“Death By Deadline” features award-winning writer from Barbados, Cher Corbin.  Look out for her book “Silvered Mirrors” soon.

“Big Rock Tales” is a strip about “living in a writing whirl” created by Barbadian writer Sandra Sealy.
Sandra writes, blogs, teaches creative writing and is Shakirah Bourne’s “Lit Mom” (yeah nepotism BIG TIME!).
Visit her blog Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps – offering tools, resources and more for writers of the Caribbean and beyond.

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About seawoman

Sandra Sealy is Principal Consultant & Writer for Seawoman Creative Media - a boutique writing agency Her background in public relations in marketing combined with her strong creative writing skills, have ably prepared her as an expert copywriter, copy editor and freelance writer. Sandra covers a number of content needs like copy for brochures and websites, advertorials, restaurant and book reviews, press releases, feature and cover stories, pictorial text and more. She is also a Caribbean cultural practitioner and an award-winning creative writer. Sandra's work has been widely anthologised. Some of her writing credits include: CALABASH: A Caribbean Journal of Arts & Letters (USA) ; Arts Etc (Barbados); WomanSpeak; POUI: The Cave Hill Literary Annual of the University of the West Indies (Barbados); SHE Caribbean Magazine (St. Lucia); Urban Entertainment (USA); In Paradise Magazine:Barbados (Writer/Editor) and the Nation Newspaper (Barbados). Sandra is excited about her #podcast - Seawoman Chronicles: The Podcast - (now available on Spotify and other podcast platforms) and about finally launching first book, "Chronicles of A Seawoman: A Collection of Poems" (available on Amazon). You can also read samples of Sandra's work at

9 thoughts on “Death By Deadline?

    • :p Now Shakirah, imagine those are just the writing ones for external journals – never mind all the other personal writing goals like completing a body of work for ourselves. Sheesh!
      (Hmmm…funny how every time I pass Coral Ridge graveyard, it looking MORE populated.)

    • Hi J.J:
      Guess you can relate. lol. What’s this writing journey of ours without a laugh?

      Just how DID you find me anyway?

      I’m glad you find my Seawoman blog and know you’ll find getWrite! – the home for “Big Rock Tales”, useful.

      If you’re on Facebook (Sandra Sealy aka Seawoman Page) and Twitter (@seawomanBDS), please feel free to connect there as well.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback.


    • Welcome to the getWrite! family J.J. Feel free to stop by any time, browse, hang out at The Writers’ Block. Let us know if there are any particular things you’d like featured as well. You can also follow us on Twitter @getwriters and on Facebook at GetWrite! Walk good, write great 🙂

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