Tracy Marchini

This will be my first writer’s residency, but I thought I’d share some of the steps I took in case you’re also looking for a residency!

What am I working on?
The first thing I asked myself was, “what am I working on that would benefit from a retreat?” At the time, I was finishing up a revision on the middle-grade, procrastinating a major revision of the YA, and drafting a new work-in-progress that featured a foreign exchange student from France. I had only been to Paris for a few days, so I realized that if I was going to make some real progress on that WIP, I was going to have to spend more time in France.

How do I find residencies?
I started googling blindly — “artist residencies,” “writers retreats,” “writers grants” — looking for websites that had compiled information on residencies. One of the best sites I…

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