10 thoughts on “Main Influences

  1. I wouldn’t say I look toward any particular author for reference but I do appreciate when authors drawn you into their stories. The last two books that I read that did this was Speak and A Northern Light. I felt like I was there with the characters and understood there. It’s something I would like to convey in my book blog, The Other Dark Meat.

  2. Stephen King and Neil Giamen, mostly. They know how to weave stories and really build on characters. Even if these characters are only in the book for three pages, we get the sense that we know them and that we have met.

  3. Thank you Crista and Simon, I agree with you both. It’s fantastic to find an author who has that seemingly-effortless way of drawing you into, not only their stories, but their characters themselves, taking on the tone of your own inner voice.
    That’s something I aspire to – to ‘fade’ so that my voice and the reader’s blur, blend and become…

  4. Two Canadian writers: David Adams Richards, who captures the reality of living in poorer, rural areas around the Miramichi River region; and Alistair MacLeod, who writes hauntingly of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. And I would be remiss not to mention Hemingway for teaching the value of a clear, direct sentence.

  5. I am not sure if he has influenced me consciously but I quite enjoy reading the works of Austin ‘Tom” Clarke especially those that he has set in the old traditional Barbados…”Pig Tails and Breadfruit” and ” Growing Up Stupid Under the Union Jack”….My stories usually have some reach into my childhood which in some ways are parallel to the time of his work…his descriptions are like creation….you feel it and can smell it…(those of you who have read his explanation of what makes a good dumpling, you know what I mean…”the click in the teeth”)….

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