Peepal Tree Press Anthology – Deadline July 31st 2013

Peepal Tree Press, one of the most celebrated Caribbean publishers based in the UK is seeking submissions for ‘CLOSURE’ a new anthology of contemporary Black British fiction.  It will be edited by internationally renowned and award winning novelist and short story writer, Jacob Ross.

They are looking for “the unexpected, the playful, the experimental — even the traditional” with “fascinating ideas expressed as good fiction.”

DEADLINE: by 31 July 2013.

Only 30 stories will be included and there won’t be any extensions on the deadline.

When you think of CLOSURE consider:

• approaching a particular destination
• a coming closer
• a narrowing of a gap
• approaching — the act of drawing spatially closer to something
• closure imposed on the debate of specific sections of a bill
• deciding, decision making
• to clear a blockage or obstruction
• a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing
• obstruction, obstructor, impediment — any thing that makes progress difficult
• the act of blocking
• termination of operations, closedown, shutdown
• the act of ending something
• Enclosure
• Disclosure
• Opening
• End of business
• Point of rest
• Finality
• Vertical distance of rock formation
• Being close set in mathematics
• Contact between vocal organs producing sound

Eligibility: Closure is open to submissions from Black British writers. Our definition is broad. Visit the Peepal Tree Press website or the Inscribe Facebook page for our guidelines, which is simply one of self-identification i.e., if you are a writer ‘of colour’ born, raised, living, or have lived in Britain and ‘self identify’ as Black British, then we welcome your submission.

Guidelines for submissions:(CLICK HERE to see the website for full details.)

Guideline Highlights 

  • Stories of a minimum 1500 words; maximum 4,000 words
  • Any style of fiction (no memoir; no poetry)
  • Writers of any age or gender can submit work
  • Work must be new, previously unpublished fiction.

Send one hard copy of your story using the manuscript guidelines below

How To Prepare Your Manuscript
• Single-sided A4
• Double spaced
• Wide margins either side
• Name and title on each page of the story
• Font size — 12 point
• Serif font (for example Times New Roman, Cambria or similar)
• No pdf’s
• Printed on white paper only

 How to Submit Your Story

Each writer can send a maximum of two (2) stories. (All of the terms, rules and conditions apply to each story).

Send one hard copy of your story along with one hard copy of your 100 word biography

Please note that work will not be returned so please do not send your only copy


Send one copy by email by 31 July to:
• in the subject Line: Closure – Title of Story – Your Name
• do not use headers or footers in the text

Mail your manuscript to:

Closure – Inscribe Anthology

Kadija George

Series Editor, Inscribe/Peepal Tree Press

17 King’s Ave, Leeds


LS6 1QS 

(The hard copy can follow but must reach us by 3rd August 2013. Both copies must be the same. If your story is selected we will be using the hard copies to read from and edit. The emailed submission will also serve as a backup.)
Receipt of your story will be acknowledged by (Monday 5th August 2013), once we have received both the emailed story and the hard copy version.

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